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The content of our method focuses on communication skills. At Olé México you will learn a correct and realistic Spanish, geared towards dailyliving, activities and practical usage and avoiding those needless and prefabricated phrases that are far from the realities of daily life.

You will not only learn grammar but you will also actively participate in practical conversations that will help you to communicate easily in your day-to-day activities such asgoing to the store, talking to your gardener or housekeeper, order food at a restaurant, ask for information, etc..


We are convinced that the best results are achieved in pleasant surroundings.Therefore,dynamics, innovation, creativity and originality are characteristics which are present in all of our class activities.


At Olé México, we understand that each person is different and has different learning skills. We aim to satisfy the particular needs of each of our students. For that reason we keep our groups small with a maximum of 5 students per group. This allows us to give personal attention to each student and meet his or her particular needs.


Our team is made up of native teachers, loaded with patience and enthusiasm, well trained, with ample experience in teaching Spanish as a second language, willing to teach you in a personal, dynamic and enjoyable way and always bearing in mind the qualities of each individual.

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